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Upgrading to Automation

Upgrading Your Garage Door to Automation

Upgrading to an automated garage door system at home has become a far more popular option for homeowners over the years, with a high percentage of the garage doors we install in Manchester and throughout Lancashire automated with a suitable remote-control system. This is due to the many notable benefits of automating garage doors, including the convenience that a remote-control system offers. What’s more, most remote-control systems are not at all expensive and a compatible system can be fitted to most existing garage doors, provided that the door is in good working order.

Whether you are considering upgrading your existing garage door with automation or the purchase of a new garage door complete with a suitable remote-control system, we are proud to offer a broad product range and provide honest and experienced advice. Let’s look at some of the many benefits that upgrading to automated garage doors offers homeowners.

The Convenience of Automation

Perhaps the most notable benefit associated with garage door automation at home is the convenience of having a garage door which needn’t be opened manually. Modern technology means that automated garage doors are extremely simple to operate and a far better option than having to fumble around for keys, especially when it’s raining. This allows you to stay in the comfort of your car while opening the door, keeping you dry and comfortable.

This is also beneficial for home and personal security, as the security of a property is only as strong as its weakest entry point, which is often the garage, plus it means you needn’t exit the car to open the garage in the dark, something many people are uncomfortable with. Furthermore, automated garage doors are useful for the elderly or infirm who may struggle to lift a garage door by hand.

Cost-Effectiveness and Low Energy Use

In addition to their cost-effectiveness which places an automated garage door system within the reach of most homeowners, remote-controlled garage doors are inexpensive to operate due to their low energy use. This is good for your energy bills as well as the environment, plus they also require minimal ongoing maintenance, further making an automated garage door system an inexpensive investment in the convenience, comfort and security of your home.

Minimal Maintenance

Automated garage doors actually require minimal maintenance to ensure they are kept in optimal working order and are safe to operate. Keeping your garage door and remote-control system in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and warranty requirements is vital, so property owners across our broad service area may like to take advantage of our reliable garage door maintenance service from our Rochdale location.

To speak with one of our garage door specialists about your garage door automation requirements, please visit our showroom at the Caldershaw Business Centre in Rochdale (where you can view our full range of garage doors and automation systems), send us an email at drgaragedoors@btconnect.com, or call us on 01706 354 300. We look forward to helping you select a suitable garage door automation system for your needs.