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Which Garage Door Best Suits Me?

Which Garage Door Best Suits Me?

When you consider the many types of garage doors available, it’s no wonder that choosing a new door can be such a daunting task for most householders, the majority of whom will only make such a purchase a handful of times. So, with so many types on the market, which type of garage door suits you best? This depends on what you are trying to achieve and, of course, your budget, as very garage door type has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Up & Over Door

The lowest-priced option, there are two types of up & over doors – canopy and retractable. If you don’t want an automated garage door, the canopy option is fine, however, if you want to upgrade to a remote-control system at some point in time, opt for automated. Available in the widest variety of styles, colours and materials, up & over doors provide the simplest solution. However, as they aren’t available insulated, if you need a warmer, draught-free environment, consider another door type.

Side Hinged Door

This garage door variety has made quite a comeback over the last few years. Unlike old-fashioned timber side hinged doors, modern side hinged doors are available in many styles, materials and maintenance-free finishes, along with insulated options. Available as a 2/3: 1/3 split as well as 50:50.

Side hinged doors effectively maximise space as they fully open outwards and there are no internal tracks. On the downside, they’re not particularly convenient if you park in the garage as they take longer to open than other door types and aren’t ideally suited to automation. They can also be inconvenient for short driveways due to the external space occupied when open.

Roller Garage Door

Two types of roller doors are available, single skin and insulated, both of which offer more draught-resistance than up & over or side hinged doors, as the door runs within a guide channel on each side, leaving no visible gaps. Single skin roller doors are available as manual or automatic, whereas insulated roller doors come automated as standard.

Roller doors are ideal for short driveways as they lift vertically and roll up within the headroom space, however, if you have limited headroom, they aren’t a suitable option. Style is limited to a narrow horizontal slat design, but each option is available in many maintenance-free colour finishes.

Sectional Garage Door

The most substantial option, sectional garage doors are available in single skin and insulated types, with most installed as an insulated, automated door which is weather-sealed and available with a choice of panel designs and colour options. The door lifts up vertically, usually in four hinged panels which pass along a curved track and then slide back horizontally within the garage. As panels can be 40mm thick, they provide a warm, draught-free environment and prevent draughts within adjacent rooms.

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